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Teammate Apparel designs and delivers customized, quality team apparel, gear and promotional products. We create unique and exclusive solutions for our Teammates that connect supporters to teams, schools, organizations and event experiences.

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    Teammate Apparel was created on the idea of giving everyone the opportunity to share in the spirit and accomplishments of their favorite teams, schools, organizations and event experiences.
    We are a trustworthy business that is driven to provide high quality, reasonably priced customized merchandise for our Teammates. Our mission is to deliver customized apparel solutions for supporters to show their connection and loyalty to their favorite teams.

  • What are the benefits of purchasing Teammate Apparel products?

    Enhances Team Spirit
    Wearing customized team apparel creates excitement and instills a sense of pride.

    Engages Supporters
    Our research has shown that strong team branding increases supporter’s participation.
    in team events and activities.

    Motivates The Team
    Customized team apparel showcasing your team's name and colors lets the competition
    and your team know who are supporting, the moment you step in the venue.